Key Facts

Product introduction / description:

Pattex Power Epoxy Metal in the tube gives you the super strong bonding power you need for almost any material. Not only does it dry transparent but it won’t expand or shrink when curing. Resistant to water, oil and common solvents, Pattex Power Epoxy Metal in the tube can be used both outdoors and indoors and, you can also paint, sand, polish and even drill it!

Power Epoxy Metal Mix in the tube exists in 5 minutes for a strong and fast bond and in 60 minutes if you want to take your time to get things just right.

Product Features

Product main benefits:

  • Fast and clean bonding
  • Does not shrink nor expand when curing
  • Good resistance to water, oil and common solvents
  • Extremely robust
  • Cures crystal clear
  • Non-yellowing
  • Dishwasher-save

Application areas:

  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Ceramique
  • Plastic
  • Wood

Tips and tricks:

Clean before hard

Even if you work with the utmost precision, some Pattex Epoxy can still go where you don’t want it to go. In this case use ethanol, or any other universal solvent, to clean any adhesive remains before they get hard.

Once hardened

Even if you know what you’re doing, mistakes can sometimes happen. And you most realize what went wrong when everything’s done. Once hard, Pattex Epoxy glues can only be removed mechanically. The best thing to do is use a scraper. But be sure to consult the instructions, so you know exactly what you’re doing.

Read the instructions

Before gluing anything together, take a moment to read the instructions included with the product. We really recommend you to consult and follow the technical, safety and environmental information before use.


  • 2x11ml


Product should be stored at a temperature between 10 ºC and 25 ºC.

Step by step

1. Make sure surfaces are clean, dry and free of grease or dust. If you can, roughen the surfaces, so the bond is stronger.

2. Mix components at a ratio of 1:1. Squeeze equal amounts of component A and B out of the tubes and mix together until you only have one colour of adhesive.

3. Apply the double-component mixture to one of the surfaces and join to the other surface.

4. At room temperature, you have 4 minutes after mixing the components to join the surfaces.

5. After 5 minutes, the bond is strong enough to allow for normal use again. You can exert stress after 2 hours, and objects are fully cured after 24 hours.