Key Facts

Product introduction / description:

Pattex Repair Express is a 2-component-putty curing very fast. Some things just can’t wait. Pattex Repair Express putty gives you a quick and strong bond. It mends, rebuilds and sticks different materials together, e.g. wood with plastic or metal. Pattex Repair Express putty is also excellent for wet surfaces, and you can also paint over it, sand it or add a finish. For indoor and outdoor jobs

Product main benefits:

  • Possibility to paint over, to grind and to re-work
  • Strong bonding power
  • Hardens in 5minutes

Application areas:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Metal

Tips and tricks:

Fix, rebuild or glue:

The choice is yours. Pattex Repair Express isn’t just designed to be used as an adhesive. You can also fill holes with it, use it to seal gaps and tears and even rebuild damage to concrete.

Paint, sand or finish:

Pattex Repair Express is formulated for strong bonds and fillings. And, with its formula that is fully resistant to water, grease, solvents, cold and heat, it will not shrink or stretch. That means you can paint over it, sand it down or add any other sort of finish to it.

Clean before hard:

Even if you work with the utmost precision, some Pattex Epoxy can still go where you don’t quite want it to go. In this case use ethanol, or any other universal solvent, to clean any adhesive remains before they get hard.

Once hardened:

Even if you know what you’re doing, mistakes can sometimes happen. And you most realize what went wrong when everything’s done. Once hard, Pattex Epoxy glues can only be removed mechanically. The best thing to do is use a scraper. But be sure to consult the instructions, so you know exactly what you’re doing.

Read the instructions:

Before gluing anything together, take a moment to read the instructions included with the product. We really recommend you consult and follow the technical, safety and environmental information before using. It just makes more sense that way.


  • Tube 48G
  • Monodoses: 6x5g


Should be stored at a temperature between 10 ºC and 25 ºC, and protected from the sunlight.

Step by step

1. Make sure surfaces are dry and free of dust and oil. Important: The maximum application time is 3 minutes after mixing.

2. Wear protective gloves, e.g. latex or vinyl, to protect your hands.

3. Clean the surfaces. Roughen for a better grip.

4. Cut off as much Pattex Repair Express putty as you need and remove transparent wrapping. Knead blue and white piece together, until light blue. Apply within 3 minutes!

5. To glue: Apply putty to one surface and press both together. For larger areas, use a few pieces.

6. To fill or refill: Apply putty mix in gap or hole and smooth down before the putty sets (5 minutes).

7. To rebuild: Mould the shape you need with your hands and smooth down the surface before the product starts to harden.

8. The glue is fully hardened after 5 minutes.