Mount a hook with No More Nails

Learn how to mount a hook in the twinkling of an eye!


Material needed

  • Pattex No More Nails: Instant tack, Strong bonding power, Clean and Convenient


Step by step / how to do:

1.    Mark the hook position on the wall with a pen.               


2.   Sand the wall slightly to facilitate the adhesion of the hook on the wall.                                                                                                   



3.   Glue the hook.

4.  Mount the hook on the wall ; you can readjust it during approximately 10 minutes.

5.   Press it strongly without moving.

6.   Let it dry 48h before loading it.

Tipps & Tricks

Before starting, make sure there is no dust on the wall that could block the adhesion of the glue.

Now no more gun! Even easier with the pressure pack: just press and glue.