Mount a kitchen bar with No More Nails Removable

With Pattex No More Nails Removable, you can mount your kitchen bar to the wall without drilling and then remove it to place it wherever you want!


Material needed

  • Pattex No More Nails removable: High initial tack, Removable, Strong bonding power, Clean and Convenient


NB: if you use a cartridge, you will need an extruding gun and a cutter too.

Step by step / how to do:

1.   Open the cartridge, fix the nozzle then cut it with the cutter.



2.   Glue the kitchen bar with some drops of No More Nails removable

3.   Mount the bar to the wall

4.  Check the position of the bar thanks to the horizontal lines of the tiles

5.   Load your kitchenware after 24h

6.   If needed remove the bar with just a spatula