Renew your sanitary seal with Pattex sealants

A seal fits the joint between two surfaces and makes sure that  your bathroom or your kitchen is water tight. You just need the right technique and the right product!


Material needed

  • Pattex No More Nails Waterproof,
  • Pattex sealant
  • Pattex Sealant remover or a cutter
  • Pattex smoother cutter
  • Pattex Sealant Gun


Step by step / how to do:

1.   Remove the old sealant cutting it out with the Pattex Sealant remover tool or a cutter. Then wipe out the remaining marks by using the Pattex  silicone remover. The joint should be clean, dry and clear of dirt, loose material and old sealant.

2.   Apply masking tape on both sides along the joing in order not to overflow on the tiles.


3.   Select the sealant depending on the material of your bathtub. Use preferably a sealant which adheres to enamel and acrylic tubes and which has the right color, is flexible, is long-lasting and has the right anti-mould properties.

4.  Cut off the tip of the cartridge with the Pattex smooth-cutter tool above the screw thread. Remove nozzle cap and trim nozzle with cutter diagonally to fit the joint width.

5.   Screw the nozzle onto the cartridge. Insert the cartridge into the Pattex Sealant Gun. Pull trigger to apply sealant into the joint. Ensure sealant is applied evenly and has good contact with both sides of the joint.


6.   Apply the sealant between 2 adhesive strips, pushing forward to fill the join and make it watertight.


7.   Smooth sealant with a Pattex smoothing tool within 5 minutes. Remove excess sealant immediately using the Pattex smoothing tool or your finger dripped in liquid soap (depending on the product). 


8.   Remove the tape before the sealant cures. The seal will be perfectly straight and smooth.


Tipps & Trick

Protect the sealant from water and damp conditions during drying process. Ventilate the surrounding area. Check that sealant is dry before allowing water contact. Sealant will be fully dry in 18-24 hours depending on bead size.

Also Check our Express Silicone which allows showering in 2 hours!