Repair a shower pipe with Repair Express

From times to times, our shower pipes get damaged and leaks appear. With the Pattex Repair Express paste, no need to call a plumber, you can make the job done in 3min.


Material needed

Pattex Repair Express

  • Possibility to paint over, to grind and to re-work
  • Strong bonding power
  • Cures in 5minutes


Step by step / how to do:

1. Cut the water, clean your pipe and make sure there is no more humidity. 


2. Cut a little piece of Repair Express paste 64g with a cutter. For small repairs, we advise you to use Repair Express doses.

3. Mix the paste with your fingers till it gets fully white and takes the shape you want.  

4. Apply the paste on the leak of your shower pipe and take care that it is fully covered.

5. Then let it dry 3 min  

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